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A Superior Product

In 2009 I bought my first new home in Sequim in Sunland North and in June 2018 moved into my custom home in Cedar Ridge that was built and designed by Anderson Homes. From the first moment I met Caleb Anderson I believed Anderson Homes business model was customer friendly and they would deliver what they promised. Words that defined my custom new home experience from concept to completion were: trustworthy, transparent, high quality, on time, first class, good listeners, on budget, accurate, professional and enjoyable to work with the Anderson team. The finished product is a joy to live in, is well constructed and a tribute to Anderson’s commitment to excellence. Anderson’s architect, Lindberg & Smith, immediately understood what I wanted in a new home and swiftly and efficiently designed a floor plan that would fit on a lot in Cedar Ridge that had a view of the bay. My honey and I met with Caleb and talked about the quality we wanted in the house and he started to prepare a project manual so a construction contract could be bid based on the floor plan, desired finishes and a firm price. Once the contract was signed and construction started Anderson assigned a Project Superintendent, Garret, who was blessed with exceptional construction and people skills and finished the house on time and within the budget. He used an online website called Co-Construct that kept us informed even when we were traveling. The color and finish consultant, Trisa, had the knack to make the house beautiful and the accounting systems by Trisha were timely and accurate. Overall Anderson Homes deserves an eleven on the ten point scale for producing a superior product. Ronald

June, 2018

Our Nicest Home Ever!

I have owned seven homes over the years and I can honestly state that my recent purchase of Anderson (Homes) home is the nicest house I have ever purchased!  The construction is flawless, the materials are all high quality, and the service was first rate.  Caleb Anderson worked closely with us to assure all of our needs were met during the building process.  The contractors involved were extremely competent, and made adjustments according to our wishes.  We truly love our new home in Port Angeles and I can wholeheartedly recommend Anderson Homes as a premium builder.

Larry Vellucci

January 06, 2015

A Port Angeles Ranch Style Home

“I’m totally happy with my home, the design, the quality, the heating system, the storage, everything.  Rick Anderson has some of the nicest people working for him, which is an asset to the company. I have no stairs, and I love going shopping and not having to worry about coming in the front door and tripping on a step. This home is very energy efficient, and designed well.  I’ve lived here 4 1/2 years, and I love my home.

My kitchen is just like it was designed by a woman, because it has everything. I have a lot of storage space and cabinets. I have an incredible water view from my sink. I can see cargo ships, sail boats, ferries, and the coast guard boats, plus on a clear evening I can see the city lights of Victoria, Canada.

I get plenty of light, because of the large windows. I did ask for hardwood in the hallway, and I’m glad I did. It’s beautiful. I have three bedrooms, but I use one as a den with my computer. I moved to Port Angeles from California, and I love it here.”


A Sequim Contemporary

Monty and Patricia absolutely love their Anderson Home. Built in Emerald Highlands in Sequim, they moved here from the DeMoines area south of Seattle. They wanted to retire here and have a custom home built with their ideal home plan.

“The whole process went very well with Rick Anderson. Our home was finished on schedule, actually two days before the deadline, and our moving trucks arrived just as we planned. And Rick finished our home at the contract price with no extras.

“This was our first time having a home built, and we were lucky having Rick Anderson build our home. The quality of the work is great. Even the man who installed our blinds told us the windows were all 1/16th of an inch of being exactly the same size throughout the living room. The doors are all perfectly square, too. A lot of care went into building our home, and we are grateful.

“We have large windows, and all along our home we have a beautiful view of the water, a panoramic view. Even our laundry room has a view. The hardwood floors are beautiful, and we’re glad we have hardwood. We like the wide window sills, and we have nine foot ceilings throughout the house, except the garage, which has 12 foot ceilings.”

A special thanks to Monty and Patricia for opening their home to us, so that we might share it with you.

Monty & Patricia

A Port Angeles Craftsman

Stan and Sherry purchased a lot in Port Angeles overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and they have a killer water view. But the best thing about their house is the quality of the workmanship.

“We interviewed four builders in the area, and we knew from the first meeting with Rick Anderson that we wanted him to build our home. He was upfront with us, honest about the costs and he explained in detail how it worked, and we really appreciated that.”

The front of Stan and Sherry’s home is beautiful, but you have to walk around the house to see how big it really is.

“We had some house plans, but we took those to Rick and had his architect help us with some changes we wanted, and it worked out great. The whole process from beginning to end with Rick went very smoothly. Rick finished our house at the contract price with two extras that we asked for, and we knew in advance that extras would cost us. Rick explained everything up front. We moved from California to retire here, and we didn’t know any builders, so we were glad to find Rick.”

A special thanks to Stan and Sherry for opening their beautiful home to us, and to you.

Stan & Sherry

The Comfort of Your Own Custom Home

Beverly loves her home.  She moved into her new home 5 1/2 years ago, and it still looks brand new. Beverly moved into Port Angeles from Forks for convenience, and she’s glad she did. This home was built just like Beverly wanted, with all the little features that made it fit her perfectly. As Rick Anderson says, “A custom home is a home built the way you want it.”

The exterior is conservative but classy. The floor plan is perfect for Beverly. The living room has a high ceiling and very large picture windows, and with the beautiful hard wood floors, the warm glow of the sun gives this home a feeling of comfort and peace. Of course, the touch of a woman who knows how to furnish and decorate a beautiful home is clearly what makes this home for Beverly. Hmm. One might think Beverly’s home is always so clean and beautiful. It probably is.

One of the things Beverly said was really important to her was that Rick Anderson finished her house right on schedule. She really appreciated that. She also said the finish work throughout her house is really superior. Sometimes beauty blends in, but it shines everywhere in this custom home. Recently, Beverly had 15 friends visiting her home. They all wanted a tour. She proudly showed them around, and she got plenty of “oohs” and “aahs.” She also proudly told them her home was built by Anderson Homes.


A Custom Home on a Budget

“In November of 1990, Anderson Homes worked with us to design and build a home to meet the needs of our growing family.  With 3 young children, our budget was somewhat limited. Yet, Anderson Homes was able to work within our budget and still provide many of the desired options at that time. They valued our business, and we appreciated their goal of both working within that budget while providing quality craftsmanship as well. Other than normal expected maintenance, updates we made just 2 years ago were cosmetic. The structure itself remains solid and continues to stand the test of time. As we contemplate whether or not to build one last new home, we would, naturally, consider using Anderson Homes again, knowing the high quality of work and our satisfaction would be their goal.

Mark and Virginia

Sequim Love Affair of 17 Years

“When we shopped for our new home in Sequim we contacted Rick Anderson as we were aware of his quality construction. He said he had one house in Sunland that we might be interested in. We drove from Seattle and after looking at the house decided to buy it on the spot. The deal was closed within 10 days. We have never been happier with the purchase. We are confident that it is one of the finest built homes we have ever owned. After 17 years, everything is still tight, straight, and working properly. We have the very highest respect for Rick’s quality work. If you acquire one of his homes you can relax, knowing you have a very high quality product.”


Benson Hill Crown

Thank you Anderson Homes for building our dream house. Rick and his crew worked very hard to give us the custom home we wanted within budget, on time, providing us choices on the finish details and value for our dollar while solving any problems that arose. The home is beautiful and our building experience rewarding.

We have lived in our Anderson built Home for seven years and appreciate the fine workmanship and quality every day. Anderson Homes stands behind their pledge and that was very gratifying to us. Thank you again for making our dream home possible!

Ross and Mary

Still in Love

Dear Rick,

We are in the process of selling our [Anderson] home to be closer to our daughter in Escondido, so it’s the North Coast for us 42 years after we first saw it. I wanted to share with you the tremendous outpouring of praise for you and your extraordinary crew, from people walking through eying every detail. At least half a dozen separate parties have asked, “Are you sure this isn’t brand new?” right after smiling and sighing a lot. It’s been pure joy to relate how carefully every detail was taken care of, how each team went over and above, how the quality of every phase of construction has given even more enjoyment with passing time.

The man who came to do the house inspection found nothing that needed attention but a leaky seal on a toilet we recently had replaced. He smiled, then said it was extremely clean, which has been a pleasure to do as a small way of saying thank you to you and everyone whose good work made it our dream come true. We used every room every day, and cherished it more each year. We never dreamed we’d have to leave it. Fortunately, a lady is buying it that loves and appreciates it as much as we do. It’s a major solace.

So, thank you for your dedication and passion for quality. You’ve given us exquisite beauty and peace of mind for these 11 years of living within your handiwork. We honor you and your team with all our hearts. Take good care. You and yours are gifts to this world.

Helen and Murv

April 22, 2013


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I have owned seven homes and over the years and I can honestly state that my recent purchase of Anderson (Homes) Home is the nicest house I have ever purchased!  The construction is flawless, the materials are all high quality, ad the service was first rate.  Caleb Anderson worked closely with us to assure all of our needs were met during the building process.  The contractors involved were extremely competent, and made adjustments according to our wishes.  We truly love our new home in Port Angeles and I can wholeheartedly recommend Anderson Homes as a premium builder.

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